explode with greater dynamic contrast against this black background. Also, StealthCap sounds so clean and real that you'll find yourself turning up the volume to realistic live levels, thus getting even more dynamics.

Add up all these important sonic differences, and you see why StealthCap will dramatically upgrade the sound of all your loudspeakers and electronics. You never dreamed that capacitor upgrades could do so much for your system! Simply substitute the same capacitance values into your speaker crossovers, and approximately similar values (with sufficient voltage) into your electronic components.

You probably know that manufacturing each B-2 bomber requires ridiculously time consuming precision handiwork, working with expensive exotic materials, in order to minimize radar reflections for its stealth technology. That's why the B-2 has to be ridiculously expensive, costing far more than other non-stealth aircraft of similar size. Likewise, we have to invest a ridiculous amount of time consuming precision handiwork to craft each individual StealthCap, using expensive exotic materials, in order to optimize our radical breakthrough Stealth Technology and give you the best possible sound. So the cost of each StealthCap has to be ridiculously high. But we're willing to make the time consuming effort to handcraft each StealthCap, because its sound is so ridiculously better than any other capacitor. It's well worth our effort, and it's well worth the cost, because of the spectacular improvement in sound that StealthCap, with its radical new Stealth Technology, gives you.

High end manufacturers are eagerly converting their best products to StealthCap (or are adding Signature upgrade versions featuring StealthCap). They have found StealthCap's high cost to be a wise investment. StealthCap improved their products' sound so dramatically that their customers are raving over the sonic improvements, and are eagerly lining up to buy more and more of these products equipped with StealthCap. And StealthCap still costs less than some so-called "exotic" caps from others.

If you are one of those who want the ultimate, here it is.

Retail prices:                  (approx diameter x length in inches)

.22uF/630v  $109.72        .5 x 1.55
.33uF/425v      99.64        .4 x 1.55
.47uF/425v    109.72        .46 x 1.55
1.0uF/425v    131.96        .7 x 1.55
1.0uF/310v    119.56        .4 x 1.55
2.0uF/425v    141.64        .94 x 1.55
2.0uF/210v    130.56          .5 x 1.29
3.0uF/210v    145.04        .6 x 1.29 (use 2/425 or 4/425 in electronics for higher voltage)
4.0uF/425v    175.64       1.4 x 1.55
4.0uF/210v    158.56         .7 x 1.29
5.0uF/210v    165.41         .8 x 1.29 (use 4/425 or 10/310 in electronics for higher voltage)
6.0uF/210v    172.38         .9 x 1.29 (use 4/425 or 10/310 in electronics for higher voltage)
7.0uF/310v    187.56       1.2 x 1.55
7.0uf/210v     179.26       1.0 x 1.29
10.0uF/210v   181.72      1.2 x 1.29

10.0uF/310v   189.68      1.5 x 1.55

All StealthCaps are custom hand crafted to order. Due to very high worldwide demand, manufacturing lead times (waiting list queues) usually run about 6 weeks.

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