OLD Wonder Solder UltraClearTM

Thin .031"  $59./lb spool (only water soluble flux core)

Bar (14 oz) (for solder pots, no flux) $59



NEW ! Wonder Solder SignatureTM  (rosin flux core)

Fat leaded .050"  $79./lb spool
Thin leaded .031"  $84./lb spool
Lead-free Fat .050" $89./lb spool
Lead-free Thin .031" $94./lb spool

(lead-free is actually same price per foot, hence same cost per solder joint, as leaded, since about 25% more feet per spool*)
Lead-free Bar (1 lb) (for solder pots, no flux) $79
Solder quantity discounts:
33% for 50 lb. Box + (OK to mix roll types)
40% for 1000 lb + (one type only)
*In fact, lead-free thin gives you so many feet in 1 pound that it requires an extra large plastic spool,
     which won't fit in a standard 50 pound box pigeonhole, so it has to ship in a separate carton.


Wonder WireTM


Wonder Wire 19 ga. solid bare   $1.70/ft.
Wonder Wire custom insulated with special polypropylene formula $2.50/ft
    (thin (OD .0425") insulation on wire)
Wire discounts:
33% for full spool of bare wire (about 6000 ft), or for 1000+ ft of insulated wire.


Micro-thin coating for all solid state devices, resistors, etc. makes circuits sound more naturally musical (see technical white paper on this website).
Complete kit to treat one electronic component $99.
Discounts: 33% for 12+ kits, 40% for 50+ kits.

Wonder KoatTM


Clear liquid for coating or dipping parts, circuit boards, etc. Protects them and damps vibrations (especially useful for crossover networks in loudspeakers).
Per gallon: $369.
Discounts: 33% for 10+ gallons, 40% for 55+ gallons.

408 Mason Rd.
Vista CA 92084 USA
Email: trt-wonder@cox.net

(wholesale quantity orders only)

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