Update: 9/22/21

Lead-free solder is about 95% tin, and leaded solder is about 63% tin. So the world cost for tin determines the cost of electronics solder, especially as tin becomes much more expensive. The world cost of ordinary tin has skyrocketed to 213% of what it cost just 12 months ago, and the cost of Wonder Solder’s ultra high purity tin has skyrocketed to 262% of its cost 12 months ago.

We had to adjust Wonder Solder’s retail price by $15 on 2/27/21 (when the world was 5 months into this 12 month skyrocket). And now, another 7 months later, we reluctantly must do so again. The retail price of leaded solder now goes up the same $15 as before, and the retail price of lead-free must go up $20 (since it uses 95/63 = 150% the amount of tin).

Note that we’ve managed to control our total price increase, for this entire 12 month period, to merely 43% (for leaded thin solder as an example: $99/$69 = 1.43), even though world cost for our ultra-pure tin has skyrocketed to 262% during this same time period.

Remember that the true effective price of Wonder Solder is still actually FREE !!! 

The labor time and cost, that fast-flowing Wonder Solder saves you, compared to all other solders, still more than pays you back, for the few pennies that the solder costs for each solder joint, even with today's higher solder prices !!

OLD Wonder Solder Leaded UltraClearTM

Thin .031"  $74./lb spool (only water soluble flux core)

Bar (14 oz) (for solder pots, no flux) $74

NEW ! Wonder Solder SignatureTM  (rosin flux core)

Fat leaded .050"  $94./lb spool

Thin leaded .031"  $99./lb spool

Lead-Free Fat .050" $109./lb spool

Lead-Free Thin .031" $114./lb spool


(lead-free is actually about same price per foot, hence about same cost per solder joint, as leaded, since about 25% more feet per spool*)
Lead-free Bar (1 lb) (for solder pots, no flux) $99
Solder quantity discounts:
33% for 50 lb. Box + (OK to mix roll types)
*In fact, lead-free thin gives you so many feet in 1 pound that it requires an extra large plastic spool,
     which won't fit in a standard 50 pound box pigeonhole, so it has to ship in a separate carton.


Wonder WireTM 

Wonder Wire 19 ga. solid bare   $1.70/ft.
Wonder Wire custom insulated with special polypropylene formula $2.50/ft
    (thin (OD .0425") insulation on wire)
Wire discounts:
33% for full spool of bare wire (about 6000 ft), or for 1000+ ft of insulated wire.


Micro-thin coating for all solid state devices, resistors, etc. makes circuits sound more naturally musical (see technical white paper on this website).
Complete kit to treat one electronic component $99.
Discounts: 33% for 12+ kits, 40% for 50+ kits.

Wonder KoatTM 

Clear liquid for coating or dipping parts, circuit boards, etc. Protects them and damps vibrations (especially useful for crossover networks in loudspeakers).
Per gallon: $369.
Discounts: 33% for 10+ gallons, 40% for 55+ gallons.

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Vista CA 92084 USA
Email: trt-wonder@cox.net

(wholesale quantity orders only)

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