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Improve the Dynamics of Your System!
Make Music and Soundtracks Come ALIVE!
Feel More Power!      Hear More Music!

Improve the dynamics and lifelike reality of all your audio electronics and speakers! Your stereo and home theater systems can give you more power, dynamic impact and solidity, in both music and soundtracks. Music and voices will sound more real and natural. You'll hear the rich, natural warmth that live music has. You've never heard your systems sound like this before!

And your systems can sound clearer, more transparent, airier, more open, and faster! See into soundtracks with sparkling clarity. Films even look better when you can hear everything more clearly.  And hear your system bring music recordings to life as you've never heard them before!

How can you get all this? Upgrade your equipment to new DynamiCap! DynamiCap is more dynamic than any other capacitor - and also more musically accurate, natural, transparent, open, airy, rich, subtly detailed, relaxing, enjoyable. DynamiCap unleashes the dynamic impact and power already in your equipment, as no other capacitor can! DynamiCap brings the goosebump factor to your systems!

DynamiCap -- more dynamic, more transparent, more musically natural!

DynamiCap is more dynamic than other caps in 5 ways:

  1. More power, impact, muscle, weight, and body - especially in the bass, warmth, and lower midrange regions, where music, voices, and sound effects naturally have most of their power.
  1. Transients stand out in bolder contrast against a much blacker, quieter background than other capacitors.
  1. Higher transient peaks, with more explosive, true to life crest factor.
  1. Quieter background increases dynamic range of all sounds, since they're higher above noise floor.
  1. Fatigue-free natural sound allows you to turn volume up higher without fatigue, thus giving you even louder true dynamics from your system.

DynamiCap is more musically natural than other caps:

  1. DynamiCap reveals the true natural richness, body, and warmth of music and movie soundtracks.
  1. Everything sounds more lifelike, more realistic; you can finally hear that a double bass has a large body and cavity, that voices have a real, palpable body and chest behind their vocal cords, that pianos have a large wood sounding board and felt hammers (not just clanging steely strings).
  1. You hear directly through to the music because DynamiCap cures the artificial problems that other caps sonically impose (e.g. glare, splatter, defocus).
  1. DynamiCap allows digital sources (CD, DVD video, etc.) to sound more realistic, more naturally musical (and more like great analog).
  1. Rich musical naturalness is enjoyable and comforting, instead of annoyingly artificial and fatiguing.
  1. DynamiCap has just a touch of subtle liquidity and delicacy, so recordings sound like the real live thing.

DynamiCap is more transparent than other caps:

  1. Reveals far more of the subtle inner details that live music has, helping all your recordings sound like the real live event. Reaches deep down into the music, to reveal far more true music than other caps (e.g. the breathiness of a singer, the twang and buzz of a plucked bass, the nylon liquidity of a guitar string, the wood and felt hammers of a piano).
2.   Open, airy presentation brings music (and soundtracks) vividly to life in front of you (other caps
      sound canned or closed in, confining music in a closet).
  1. Absence of glare and noise reveals much more music, and better stereo or surround imaging (glare and noise in other caps actually blocks and obscures information).
  1. Vastly superior articulation, individuation, and speed (other caps smear details into a defocused blur or a fractured splatter).
  1. Subtle liquidity and delicacy insures that this incredible articulation and speed sounds musically natural, not analytical.
  1. Improves your system so dramatically that your old CDs sound like the new super resolution formats (SACD, DVD-A), or like great analog.

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