I say we let Brian pick the flight and hotel of his choice and we take care of the bill. This is an incredible opportunity. I have a feeling there are going to be a few TRT cap upgrade requests!

I'd be in for the TRT upgrade! This is starting to sound like a promising idea, we should probably start another thread and see how many X owners there are in the area that want upgrade and tuning done by the man himself. I'd put in my piece of the pie for the airfare and lodging.

Count me in on the tri-state X owners' collection for Brian's plane ticket. I would not even insist that he take the red-eye. I'd love a personal optimization from the man himself.

Make that plane tix and $1200 a throw for TRT [DynamiCaps] and I'll put 'em in for you, hours of agonizing sweaty labor notwithstanding.

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