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Note: Our newer DynamiCap outsells the older InfiniCap design by 99% to 1%, so we are sadly bidding a fond farewell to InfiniCap. InfiniCap's spirit lives on in its better children that it inspired: DynamiCap, and the superlative StealthCap.

               S version $1
               epoxy sealed ends $1 (included with S version)
               special rugged tape wrap $1
               reprinting $1
               TR packaging $3

Note: In electronics, values such as 3.0, 5.0, and 6.0 uF are used for coupling, and in this role exact capacitance value is not important. So if you need higher voltage than 210v, simply use the nearest or next higher capacitance that does have adequate voltage rating, such as our most popular (and best sounding) values of 4.0uF/425v and 10.0uF/310v.

Capacitor quantity discounts for qualified OEMs, modifiers:

33% for 100+ (any mixture of caps)
40% for 100+ of 1 item

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(wholesale quantity orders only)

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