Unique audio raceway technology. DynamiCap includes a specially engineered audio raceway from input to output terminal, with less damping here, to provide transparency and speed far superior to other caps.

Unique infinite simultaneous path technology. Like our famous InfiniCap (rated by a prominent Japanese audiophile magazine as the best sounding cap in the world), DynamiCap boasts a virtual infinity of parallel paths through the plates, from input to output. More importantly (and unlike all other caps), these parallel paths are virtually the same length as one another, so all parts of the input signal arrive simultaneously at the output terminal. That's why DynamiCap is so superior in focus, articulation, individuation, transparency, and speed. Other caps have drastically differing path lengths through various parts of their plates (some paths are very short, while others are very long with inductive loop turns), so naturally any signal transient gets smeared over time in reaching their output terminal. That's why all other caps have a smeared fractured splatter or a fuzzy defocus (usually worst in the trebles).

What to Listen For

What can you expect to hear from your system when you install DynamiCap?

Quieter background, with wider dynamic range. Probably the first thing you'll notice is DynamiCap's incredibly quiet, black background. Other caps introduce more background noise, splatter, or glare that contaminates the music. DynamiCap gives your system wider true dynamic range because the background noise floor is much lower. And DynamiCap also expands perceived dynamics because all music and soundtrack transients stand out more boldly in contrast to the quieter background.

Richer weight, muscle, warmth, and body, with more dynamic impact.

More articulate transients. Transient peaks are more dynamic and cleaner, with higher crest factor. Other caps rob energy from peaks (which then becomes modulation noise that fills in what should be a black quiet background of intertransient silence). These other caps smear peak energy over time, some adding a hard glare (from energy that overhangs too long) and some defocusing or splattering transient peaks (indeed, some caps do both, adding a hard glare in the midranges and then defocusing the trebles). Incidentally, this phony hard glare other caps add in the upper midrange might seem dynamic at first listen -- but true dynamic peaks of live music are so fast (without lingering overhang) that they sound very clean and less obnoxiously loud.

Crank up the volume! DynamiCap sounds so open, so clean, and so unfatiguing that you can crank up system volume without hearing the fatiguing glare or splatter that other caps impose. This expands the system's effective dynamic range even further, since you can explore the full power and dynamic impact of which the system is capable without listener fatigue setting a limiting ceiling on volume level.

Incredible transparency. You'll hear subtle inner detail from your system that you've never heard before, true to life information that makes music and soundtracks come alive!

Natural musicality. DynamiCap cures the artificial glare, splatter, and/or defocus that other caps impose on the sound of your system. So what you hear with DynamiCap is the natural sound of the real live musical instrument, voice, or sound effect. Thanks to DynamiCap, even digital sources (CDs, DVD soundtracks, etc.) sound less fatiguing, more like the real thing (and more like great analog): articulate yet naturally liquid instead of artificially hard and fatiguing; naturally rich and warm instead of artificially lean and sterile; transparent without being overly analytical; fast yet relaxing and enjoyable.

DynamiCap key sonic features:

Makes music, voices, and soundtracks come ALIVE!
More dynamic power, force, and impact.
Clearer, more transparent, airier, more open, and faster than any other capacitor.
Richer body and warmth, giving you more of music's solid, tactile reality.
More musically accurate and natural - hear the true natural timbre and subtle textures of music and voices. You'll hear better the wooden sounding board of a piano or cello, the large cavity of a bass viol, the fact that a singer has a real body and chest (not merely a small mouth).
Subtle liquidity, giving music a very natural quality.
Reduces the sonic glare or brittleness found in many CDs and film soundtracks. DynamiCap cuts through glare like a polarizer, to reveal more of the true musical, instrumental, and voice information.
More revealing of music's inner detail, yet also more relaxing and less fatiguing for long term enjoyment.

All our words won't tell you as much as just one quick listen with your own equipment! Listen to

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