even a simple, single transient like a cowbell hit on a drum kit. Through DynamiCap it has more dynamic weight, body, and power (a true "TONG!!" instead of a tinkle), while it also has more lifelike inner detail, timbre, and texture. DynamiCap gives it a vivid reality you won't hear through any other capacitor.

Quotes about DynamiCap:

High End Speaker System Manufacturer (known for taciturn understatement),
comparing DynamiCap to other audiophile caps:

I was stunned by the improvement.
--- It was the kind of sound audiophiles aspire to, but never seem quite to reach. The clarity, layering, naturalness, impact, speed, image specificity and extension at both extremes were
--- Looks like we're a hit.  Everyone is now opting for the DynamiCap $1200 upgrade option
[instead of our less expensive versions of this speaker system, using other audiophile caps].

High End Electronics Manufacturer comparing DynamiCap to other audiophile caps:

Amazing!  Customer response is fantastic!

Prominent Reviewer Commenting on High End Speaker:

BTW, I love the Xs, and believe them not only to be one of the finest values in all of audio, but one of

audio's finest speakers period (especially with the Moncrieff cap upgrade) one can buy.
Audiophile Users comparing DynamiCap to other audiophile caps in High End Speaker:

I normally don't rush to the keyboard, but
I can't contain my enthusiasm. I just received my second pair of Xs today, [this time] with the optional TRT [DynamiCap] crossover capacitors. This is a $1200 option and I would not order a pair without them. I don't how they are made or what the specs are, but I really don't care, they are well worth it. My first pair has the standard crossover capacitors, so a comparison was easily done. I have just managed to pull myself away from pure joy to write this. These speakers are blowing me away! My last pair to a week to really break-in, these are incredible out of the box. As good as the Xs are, with this option, another plateau has been reached, the differences are not subtle. Everything is clearer, more dynamic and open. The smallest details now come through with absolute stunning clarity. It is like a layer was peeled away. Vocals are as clear and color free as if someone is talking in the room with you. Soundstage and imaging have remained pretty much the same (outstanding). I am not rushing to judgement here, the differences I hear are immediate and apparent.

After a few more days of listening to my Xs with the TRT caps, I would go as far as to say there should be no options for the crossovers. Speaker system X with TRT caps $xxxx - the absolute best buy, best sounding, to die-for-speakers in the history of high end audio. The
TRT caps are that good in the X, and one listen with them versus the stock caps, anyone would beg, borrow, or steal to pay for them.

2. The results: are they worth it?
YES! The sound not only opened up wide, but the definition and clarity were drastically improved. This speaker rivals or surpasses virtually anything out there for realism and detail. I make that statement without reservation. The stock form of the X won accolades, and a CES show. This speaker is profoundly improved after the mod. $1,200 was a great investment if you want to hear every minutia that a source can deliver, good, bad or indifferent.
improvements are immediate, obvious and effective. This is a MUST HAVE investment if you demand the last word in detail, openness, and definition. The stock X simply cannot, and does not deliver this level of music. There is no sense at all the music is coming directly from the speakers. The soundstage and imaging are beyond reproach to say the least. Detail is literally excavated from the source. This is a sure fire way to make a great speaker even better.

3. It was the best decision I ever made. I cannot emphasize [enough] how much better the already excellent Xs have become.

Web Forum Asking Speaker Manufacturer to Fly to Owners, to Retrofit DynamiCap Upgrade:

Brian, if I wanted to upgrade to the new TRT caps, is that something that you could install
on site if you actually made an East Coast swing?

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