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TRT's Residential (and Commercial) Development Services

Here at the TRT division of IAR Inc, we have 57 years' experience designing, developing, and installing advanced custom high end entertainment systems, with all their electrical, mechanical, and acoustic components, for both residential and commercial clients. Our advanced research at TRT enables us to put our cutting edge parts, equipment, and systems design into the custom prestige entertainment systems we develop and install for just your environment.

Our custom prestige entertainment systems include A/V components, furnishings (e.g. furniture, seating, carpets, and wall hangings, all optimized for total system performance, including acoustics), lighting (our research lab tests the latest LED products to select the best), and computers (as servers, and also as controllers for the whole house, including kitchen appliances).

Our 57 years of expertise in lab testing all kinds of mechanical and electrical devices also enables us to recommend and install the very best equipment for all your entertainment systems throughout your house. For example, we can furnish you with what our lab has tested as the best recliner seating (Simon Li from Hong Kong), and the best adjustable bed foundations for bedroom entertainment systems (Structures by Malouf) - and we are a registered dealer/reseller for all these products. From our showcase test kitchen, at our demonstration showcase historic castle (whose dining hall can seat 100 people), we can furnish you with what our lab testing has found to be the very best mechanical and electrical equipment for your kitchen entertainment systems (e.g. a $10,000 espresso package including a La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine and giant Mazzer Kony espresso grinder, Breville countertop electrics, Williams Sonoma's best cookware lines, Shun's premium cutlery lines, etc.).

Please email us if you wish to become a prestige client, and would like to be added to our current waiting list: